Research & Technology development for Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Smart Materials, Structures & Systems, Bio-Engineering, Robotics, Environment sensor based tech. (Monitoring Sys. for smart building, Energy Efficiency, Renewables, Water, …).
IntellCap provides custom design for complex multi-physics problems (e.g. Interactive VR with haptics) and mobile applications (for admin., research, education, …).

Learn a bit more about IntellCap

Learn a bit more about INTELLCAP

IntellCap was founded on 2008 by Idriss Ilali (Ph.D. Engineering Sciences, Mechanical Eng. & Aerospace Expert), - who is Idriss Ilali ?

The core business of IntellCap is technology innovation in various complex domains, mainly Aeronautics & Space, as well as Artificial Intelligence applied to automotive and interactive communication & smart systems. IntellCap possesses unique capabilities for design, engineering, PoC, prototyping and implementation of fully integrated smart solutions, including complex communication and sensor based systems. Providing hens turnkey solutions to its partners worldwide.

IntellCap is the owner of several patents in various domains e.g. Interactive VR/Haptics and AR systems, Renewable energy, Smart lighting and Water desalination. IntellCap also benefits from the trust of outstanding partners worldwide, especially in Europe, Morocco and recently Japan.

IntellCap also develops innovative concepts and launches startups in futuristic domains: e.g. A.I. based vehicles ; VR systems for health, industry, education and entertainment.

IntellCap Experts can also provide consulting packages upon request, - Survey, Research, Development, Technology, Design, Prototyping, Patent & IP, Tech. Transfer and Legal Affairs) -

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Areas of Expertise


INTELLCAP succeeded in gathering over the last 10 years a team of outstanding experts in the fields of aeronautics and space in order to initiate innovative projects e.g.AR Assisted Navigation System, FAP, VRFlight simulator, Design and assembly assisted by AR & VR, Flight monitoring and control systems.


INTELLCAP operates in the field of water, and more specifically in the development of smart irrigation systems, and offers in this respect innovative solutions that responds to water problems in the field of agriculture.

Brackish water and desalination of sea water is another filed of interest for whish INTELLCAP develops. Innovation high efficiency and cost-effective units for production of drinkable water.


INTELLCAP is initiating a new approach for R&T projects.

The automotive Technology program consists in developing a brain-alike A.I. intergraded system using a modular approach based on safety, relatability, maintainability...


INTELLCAP offers turnkey hardware and software solutions for smart buildings via deification Monitoring Systems (relevant indicators for energy, water, air quality and thermal comfort, waste management, carbon footprint ...), involving the most advanced technologies e.g. multiphysics smart sensors, real-time database and analysis, IoT approach ... the owned core expertise and software solutions can be adapted to customer needs for many use cases: administrations, schools, universities, hospitals...


Simulation, modeling and designing of complex biotech processes, is a key to understanding of phenomena that govern life.

INTELLCAP focuses on mimics, genomics and potentially derived technologies for various domains.


Since 2009, INTELLCAP started exploring the domain of both real and interactive virtual environment in order to enhance the user experience through smart interactive environment and advanced interfaces e.g. haptics touch screens, AR and VR integrated systems, not only at the application level but at the technology level as well. INTELLCAP is pioneering the VR domain by unique interactive hardware and software concepts and 3D realistic environments and custom design solutions for industry, education, research, navigation, entertainment and various domains.

As an example, you can visit the Education to Environment Platform, developed jointly and for the FM6E.


3D digital platform

The 3D digital platform is a virtual space dedicated to the themes of the environment in relation to climate change and its impact on the planet. It is also an educational tool for raising awareness of the importance of protecting it against causes that disturb its natural balance.

Check out the FM6E-INTELLCAP Platform



INTELLCAP is collaborating with some outstanding universities and research institutions worldwide on several fields of research and development.

- Tech survey;

- Innovation;

- Tech Transfer: startups;

- Fund raising...


A talented CAD team of experts is always ready to face design challenges, both at the engineered technology and the artwork levels. The expertise is then spanning large from the modeling of devices, to the simulation of behaviors, to the design of prototypes, infographics, final digital marketing and communication, through websites and digital/social media services.




INTELLCAP is involved with the Foundation Mohammed VI for the Environment (FM6E) in educating kids by hands- on training of intelligence, creativity of young people through a prelogical approach on the cognitive and the education by the use of learning by doing.


INTELLCAP is a network of highly qualified human ressources and expertise worldwide, working all together as a one for the unique goal of bringing innovative technologies and sharing the know-how, seeking for win-win opportunities.

INTELLCAP does also qualifying training for Support Staff, Operators, officers... Advanced Academic Tools for learning by doing in order to democratize the chances of qualifying and continuing education with the masses and not conditioned by age or diplomas.


Job & Internships

Intellcap is spreading Worldwide with unique opportunities in various domains, spanning wide from entertainment & learning to cutting edge technologies & designs.

One of our newest challenging domain is fashion design to which Intellcap is bringing innovation knowledge and technology know-how.

If you’re young, open minded, looking beyond frontiers and seeking for a challenging project to boost your career and if one of these opportunities fits your interest:

1- design of multifunctional fashion goods ; including virtual prototyping and/or assembly of physical prototypes and concepts;

2- smart sensors, embedded software and mobile applications designer/technician;

3- marketing, branding and commercial processing for fashion goods;

4- production transfer and supervision of subcontractors;

5- logistics from subcontractors to final consumer, selling shops and contracted brand distributors;

6- activity management including billing services and accountability;

7- branding and promotion of the fashion brand through social media, a dedicated website and a mobile app - Being a beginner Top-Model is an advantage.

Notes :

- Diploma is not mandatory but personal interest, skills and talent is requested -on case by case basis;

- English is not mandatory but depending on the job position, a minimum of English language could be requested.

Take your chance and apply for one or more job openings within our group.

We offer a competitive international and extremely innovative environment, with growing up advantages and specific packages.

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1- design and development of a “Call a taxi” innovative Platform ; Uber, Taxify etc. alike mobile app and a full management service system;

2- design and development of a “Room To-Go” innovative Platform ; Airbnb, VRBO etc. alike, with web and mobile app, including a full management service system;

3- design and development of a “e-Market” innovative Platform ; Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. alike P/F, web and mobile app with a full management service system.

4- Design & Development of multipurpose IOT mobile applications for monitoring of resources and domotics.

5- Design & Development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) functions and embedded hardware and software solutions, dedicated to entertainment, health, tourism, agriculture, education and services.

Notes :

- Diploma is not mandatory but personal interest, skills and talent is requested -on case by case basis;

- English is not mandatory but depending on the job position, a minimum of English language could be requested.

Take your chance and apply for one or more job openings within our group.

We offer a competitive international and extremely innovative environment, with growing up advantages and specific packages.

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"INTELLCAP covers the entire spectrum of training, research, technology development and implementation in the fields of aerospace, renewable energies and water, filling the gap between R&D and industrialization. Thanks to an extended network of experts who have accumulated an important international experience, the company now offers fitted and on-demand solutions for companies and organizations. INTELLCAP offers also some specific consulting services in technology and engineering as well as Legal Affairs assistance for Intellectual Property management and set up of startups."             

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